The Flambeau Forever Foundation Fund provides the opportunity to invest in Flambeau students.

There are three areas in which donations are allocated:

Academics, Activities, and Athletics.

Rusk County Community Foundation
The foundation was presented with a check for $1249 from the Rusk County Community Foundation. This will help fund all three ā€œAā€™sā€ of the FFF.


That part of each student's education that occurs within the school day and the students earn a grade for. Emphasis is to provide academic pursuits that are not otherwise available to students. Examples include new technology, academic camps, clinics, courses, workshops, scholarships, etc.


That part of a student's education that is under the jurisdiction of an advisor or co-curricular code. Emphasis is to provide groups or individual students with an enriched experience in vocational or avocation areas. Grading is not related to this area.


That part of a student's education that consists of a student's involvement in, or preparation for, a WIAA sanctioned sport that aids in skill and personal development.